Chill: Artists Bios

Alessandro Alaia

Alessandro Alaia has contributed his artwork to various roleplaying game publishers, including Pelgrane Press, Janus Design, and Growling Door Games.

Kiva Bay

Kiva Bay draws stuff in Oregon with her two cats and her husband. The cats are named Reza and Wiggins. Reza is unusually large for a cat, like he's real big. Wiggins is also kinda big, but not as big. Reza is gray and Wiggins is orange and white. Sometimes Reza just stands in the hallway and, like, screams. Just screams, y'all. Wiggins has been picking up on it, too, but he's not as loud, but like, he does it too now. Anyway, Kiva likes burritos and owls.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown is a freelance illustrator who has done work for film, books, games, and more. She also spends a lot of her time writing screenplays of her original stories, making Youtube videos, and being a general nerd.

Geneviève Dion

Geneviève Dion (Undead) is an autodidact artist form Québec City’s region whose production is mostly oil painting, but she also uses acrylic, watercolor and ink. Her work has been presented in professional artists’ collective displays held in 2013 and 2014. In 2017, she made a mural painting for a restaurant-microbrewery. She recently began a freelance illustrator carrier.

Ashley Doza

Ashley Doza of "Crimson Dragon Art" is an artist local to Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in Ink, charcoal, graphite, acrylic, and digital mediums, and is known specifically for her fantasy art and designs. She is especially excited to create the visceral illustrations of creatures to haunt your nightmares for years to come. Aside from creating art, Ashley can usually be found playing a huge array of tabletop games with her husband and son.

Jenna Fowler

Jenna Fowler is a freelance artist and illustrator living and working in the United States. For the past four years she has worked on numerous roleplaying games (including A Tragedy in Five Acts for Growling Door Games), helping to craft new and interesting worlds. Most of her artwork is created using digital techniques, all drawn by hand with Photoshop and a Tablet. She currently lives in Bristol, Tennessee with her husband, corgi, and manx cat. Check out her work at

Timm Henson

Sacramento artist, Timm Henson, has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. In his preteen years he discovered comic books and had the good fortune of spending his time outside of school in a comic book store with many like-minded youths and soon-to-be well-known comic book artists/writers. For the past four years Timm has reconnected with his talents, honing his skills and embracing his roots as an artist, creator, fantasy artist, and tabletop gamer. His personal philosophy: If you truly want to get better draw every day, look at your work when you consider it finished and analyze every flaw you can find then try again tomorrow. If you think your work is flawless, you’re deluding yourself.

Leonard O’Grady

Leonard O’Grady is a comics veteran with almost twenty years’ experience in the industry. Clients have included: Marvel, DC/Wildstorm, IDW, Image, 2000AD, Mongoose Games and Editions Delcourt in France. Properties worked on have included: 30 Days of Night, True Blood, Monster House, Nightmare World, Everybody’s Dead, Judge Dredd, Thor, Transformers, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons and Runequest: Lankhmar. Twice-nominated as FAVORITE COMIC COLORIST for the UK's EAGLE AWARDS.

Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker is an award winning illustrator who crafts images for fantasy, sic-fi and horror games and books. For the past ten years Jacob has been working as the primary artist and art director at Jolly Roger Games and taking freelance on the side. Projects have ranged from line art interiors in RPGs, CCGs and board games for AEG, Fantasy Flight, Paizo, Steve Jackson Games and more. “For me, working with traditional media helps put me in the world I’m creating . The paint is dirty and coarse in a way that makes the image feel real to me.” His art can be found at