“I thought you never wanted to speak to me again.”

“I don’t, but I need to get into this club and you’re the only person I know with a membership.”

We Used To Be Friends

We Used To Be Friends is a collaborative teenage detective drama game. As a group, you’ll create your teenagers, the city they live in, and a season-long mystery that ties them all together.

Powered by the Apocalypse

Using the well known and adaptable system, We Used To Be Friends puts some different spins on the traditional model.
  1. Player can choose what traits go with what basic move. It’s not what you do, but also how you do things that matter
  2. Collaborative environment means that the group talks more about Present and Future Moves
  3. No tracking of health - We Used to be Friends focuses on conditions and being “taken out” of a scene for having too many
  4. Friendship moves, to help provide direction when dealing with NPCs in a scene

Beyond that it features a focus on what makes PbtA games great. A focus on narrative storytelling, with a simple resolution mechanic with interesting choices to help drive the drama.

Collaborative No-Prep Mystery Game

We Used To Be Friends involves a series of interwoven mysteries. You’ll have your season mystery, every character has their own personal mystery, and each session has its own episode mystery. Since the game is collaborative, you’ll investigate locations to find clues and then apply those clues to the various mysteries, moving them along as you discover what happens together. No one needs to plan it out before you play. You can pick up the game and immediately begin to figure out who did it.

Teenage Drama

While the mysteries are going on, the characters still live their lives. They have friends, enemies, acquaintances who are all around them. They open up to each other, they fight over their feelings, and get into trouble while figuring out what happened. Part of the essential conflict and drama of We Used to be Friends is balancing the tension of the mysteries with the reality that these characters all have to live in the same town.

We Used to be Friends is written and designed by Jonathan Lavallee, the creator of Geasa and Critical! Go Westerly, and published by Growling Door Games. Look for the Freshman Edition of We Used to be Friends, coming to DriveThruRPG in June 2018